1896 League City Railroad Depot

Late 19th and early 20th century passenger and freight stations in small towns were important economic centers. These depots served two functions. They were where passengers traveling by train disembarked and set off on journeys and also where freight traffic was handled.

The 1896 League City Depot is much more characteristic of the style of buildings built during this time period than the Dickinson Depot, which is a special design. Like the Dickinson Depot, both passenger and freight functions were combined in the same building.

The League City Depot represents the linear building type typical of those found in small Texas towns. The building is a wood frame construction, board and bat. This was a popular and very economical type of construction for serviceable but non-monumental buildings. Notice the cutout ornaments on the eaves just below the roof. The pediments and arabesques above the windows are efforts to economically decorate this very utilitarian building.

This building, like the Dickinson Depot, was donated to the Dickinson Weed ‘N Wish Garden Club by the GH&H Railroad in the late 1960s and moved to this site. The building had to be cut in two in order to be moved and reassembled on site.