Museum Survey 2021

To All Board Members – As you already know, many of the Museum displays were damaged during Harvey. Some of the displays have been salvaged – some are slightly damaged – and some and all the display stands were severely damaged and unfortunately had to be discarded. We temporarily closed the Museum during the first two years after the flood while museum damages were repaired. Then through the due diligence of our Executive Director, Joan, and her assistant, John, the Museum was made available for tours with modest displays. Then came the COVID Pandemic which limited and cancelled our plans for the Year of the Museum activities. The time is now to start planning for our Vision for the Museum. As mentioned last month, a committee of Helene Stein and Mary volunteered along with Joan and John, to contact a few Museum Curator Companies and report our findings to you. In my initial report I unfortunately mentioned a cost range provided by one of the Company’s proposals and everyone immediately had a case of “sticker shock” and never heard another word that all things are negotiable, can be done in stages, and are willing to work with us. The whole Board makes up the members of the Museum Vision and Re-Hab Committee Project. This will take the concerted effort of all Board members. After hearing Helene’s report of our findings, and other pertinent information, YOUR Vision must be heard before any plans can be formulated to proceed. We ask that you take this information and the survey home - read it and think about it - answer the survey questions and return to the office or email to We appreciate your time, dedication and participation in supporting the Historical Society and this great Gem we’ve been asked to care for and preserve for our community, visitors and the future generations to come.
1. Does your Vision for the Museum include any of the following:
2. After listening to the Report and reading through the Proposals, which one would fit your above Vision for the Museum best.
4. Do you feel confident we can raise the funds necessary to complete your Vision?
6. What methods should we plan to use to raise the necessary funds? (Currently we have approximately $37,000.00 in the Museum Fund. The Mayor and City Manager have expressed support for the Museum however, if city funds were to be requested the Council would have to approve)
7. Are you willing to help regardless of which Vision, or combination, are chosen?