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Building Name

Merritt House


2305 – 47th Street, (Week’s Addition), Dickinson, Tx


Building Construction & History

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Around 1923/1925

Property Owner



The house was built around 1923 and 1925 by Sallie and “Tex” John Buckanan.  They had four daughters:  Margaret, Annie Joe, Alice and Mary Ellen.  All graduated from Rice University.  Sallie Buckanan taught piano lessons in the house and John was an electrician who worked for the Electric Railway Co.  The Interurban ran “every hour on the hour” from Houston to Galveston.  The tracks were just outside to the left of the house which is now the pipeline and power easement.  The house was built at this location because of John’s job.


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??? – 2012

Property Owner

Frances M. Merritt


The Merritt’s purchased the house for their family home and built a den on the back of the house where originally had been a small porch.