Building Name Deats Homestead
Address 9905 N Humble Camp Rd, Dickinson, TX 77539

Building Construction & History

*Chronological from established to current

Date 1895
Property Owner & Myrtle E.W. Deats
Event In 1895 E. W. Deats built this home for his new bride.

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Date 1945
Property Owner Malcolm & Therese Deats
Event Malcolm & his wife Therese moved into the homestead following the World War II.

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Date 1951
Property Owner Malcolm & Therese Deats
Event Home underwent remodel

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Date 2010
Property Owner Bill & Jackie Chalmers
Event Following the death of Therese Deats, the home was purchased by Bill & Jackie Chalmers. The home has been used for a variety of events which include: Weddings, Reunions, & has been on the Dickinson Tour of Homes.