Established in the mid 1880s with the death of a pastor being buried behind the Dickinson Methodist church at the time. Eventually other members of the church were buried here. The church was destroyed in the 1900 storm, with the land still in ownership by the Deats family who had owned the land since 1882. The family continued to care for the land and cemetery. The cemetery is still active today.

Building Name Dickinson City Cemetery
Address 2899 St Goar St, Dickinson, TX 77539

Building Construction & History

*Chronological from established to current

Date Pre – 1882
Property Owner W. P. Ballinger
Event W. P. Ballinger signed a quit-claim to W. S. Deats et al, with the purpose being to build a Methodist Church.

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Date 1882 – leading to 1900 storm
Property Owner
Event Members of the congregation belonging to the Methodist church who have passed away over time are buried on-site.

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Date ~September 8th 1900
Property Owner
Event The 1900 storm which devastated Galveston Island claiming many lives also affected Dickinson. The Methodist church was destroyed. The church was then rebuilt on higher ground. The cemetery was added to over the years and now contains over 800 grave sites.