Building Bibliography

Building NameEmmit Square – Joseph’s House
Address4408 St. Goar Street

Building Construction & History

*Chronological from established to current

Date1905 – 1910
Property OwnerJoseph Emmite
EventThe house was built by Joseph (Guiseppe) sp? Emmite for his wife Grace.  Joseph contributed significantly to the community through farming.  His primary crop was strawberry but he also grew vegetables – Italian squash – referred to as zucchini or courgetti, and he was also a carpenter.  Grace and Joseph had 10 children and all were born in the house.  Dr. Lukotry (sp?) delivered the babies of the Emmite family.  Rosalie, the last baby, was a breach birth.  Grace Emmit was a baker of a variety of breads and fed many struggling individuals who needed food.  Daughter Katie Emmite Johnson and her family resided with Mr. & Mrs. Emmite and continued to live there until shortly before her death a few years ago.  Katy was one of the babysitters at the old Methodist church next door and sat for many Dickinson families.  After Mr. Grace Emmite’s death, Rosalie, baby daughter of the Emmite’s, acquired the property and Katy Johnson, her elder sister, continued to live there.

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DateApproximately 1936
Property OwnerMatula MIT Trust – Trustee Jacqueline Valcoviak
EventHouse became part of the property being developed by the Trust as Emmite Square, to preserve the heritage and history of the Italian Community in Dickinson.