Building Name Ash Residence
Address 1613 FM 517 Rd E, Dickinson, TX 77539

Building Construction & History

*Chronological from established to current

Date 1936
Property Owner Mr. & Ms. T.W. Ash
Event In the 1930s Paul Lobit began seeing smaller lots. The Ash’s purchased this property for $350.00 in 1936 and constructed their Tudor style home for $3,643.00. by hiring Joseph Collogne the owner of Collogne’s Lumber Yard.

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Date 1946
Property Owner William Harper Beard
Event In 1946 the Ash family sold the property to William Harper Beard for $12,500.00. Beard was an auditors for the Galveston, Colorado & Santa Fe Railroad.

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Date 1948
Property Owner Sam De Palermo
Event Sam De Palermo purchased the property and the De Palermo family lived in the home during the 1950s, at some point began leasing the property. During this time Robert Ivie and his wife resided there followed by Mr Brady Glidden in 1965. Mr Glidden was the manager of Bealls Department store in Dickinson who lived at the residence with his wife for several years.

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Date 1985
Property Owner Ann Spencer Bragg
Event In 1985 Ann Spencer Bragg purchased the property which eventually became Bayou Realtors in which she founded.