Landmark Medallion awarded October 2012

The Winkler house was built in 1940 for $4,000.00. A loan was taken out with a loan company and to be repaid in 30 years. According to family lore, it was a joyful day when the last payment was made.
An addition was made in the early ‘60’s – a large den – to accommodate a pool table for the Winkler boys – a utility room and half-bath – all built by Mr. Hayden Winkler with the help of his two sons. It took approximately 2 years to finish.
There was a garage separate from the house originally but was torn down at some point It is unofficially rumored that one of the first fire trucks of the Dickinson Volunteer Fire Department was housed in that garage at some point, probably when Mr. Winkler was Fire Chief. The garage was replaced with a carport in 2000.
The Winkler family is the only people who have lived in the house. The house has never flooded nor had any significant damage because of hurricanes or storms. It has been well maintained and the grounds as well. The house is 1 ½ stories with four bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, den, living room, dining room and kitchen.
Hayden and Helen Winkler were very active in the early formation of the city of Dickinson. Hayden was honored with many awards for his role in the formation of the first WCID #1, 2nd Fire Chief, Man of the Year, Civil Defense, School Board and an active member of Shrine of the True Cross Catholic Church. He was a family man who raised his family in this home.
Today, it is a beautiful example of houses of that period.

Building Bibliography

Building Name Winkler Residence
Address 4513 Nevada st, Dickinson Texas

Building Construction & History

*Chronological from established to current

Date 1940
Property Owner Winklers
Event Built in 1940 for $4,000.00 with a loan taken out and to be repaid in 30 years.

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Date 1960s
Property Owner Winklers
Event A large den was added to accommodate a pool table for boys, a utility room and a half bath. Addition build by Hayden Winkler with the help of his two sons.

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Property Owner Winklers
Event Garage separate from home was demolished, a carport was added in 200

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Date 2019
Property Owner Winklers