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Sam Vitanza

Loved this man…… I rode his bus when I was 12 yeas old…….6th grade and the old Adm bldg…….. not enough seats so me and 2 other girls has to sit on the steps by the door! And we were all just fine…. Mr. Sam drove all the ahletes, too, to everything ….. my dad John Roeser sat with him at every basketball game…. ….here’s a good memory – Sam was driving elem kids to Houston Zoo and passed a crowd of guys in line for a girly theater in Houston on OST….. they had their letter jackets on! 😊 He dropped the little ones off and went back and got his high schoolers and took them back to the zoo to walk around with the little guys! He dropped them off at the theater to get their cars to follow him home – lesson learned…… another – when waiting for boys to board the bus he would honk his horn twice to signal last kiss – get on or stay home 😊 everybody got on…. We loved high school and loved Mr. Sam – he gave this community and its kids his best every single day
Kathy Palmer
Former Student

In honor of the upcoming Dickinson Italian Festival, let’s give a shout out to the well loved Sam Vitanza for whom the DISD sports stadium is named. Sam Vitanza and his family were part of the Dickinson Italian community which kept things running. Mr Vitanza did school maintenance as well as drove the school bus to many of the high school games. He died in 1971. Thank you for your many years of service.