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Building Name

Silbernagel House


2407 45th Street


Building Construction & History

*Chronological from established to current


1923 – 1926

Property Owner

Jake Silbernagel


To the best of the present homeowner’s knowledge, this house was built around 1923 – 1926 and is typical of the small houses built during this time with a front porch to sit and catch the breeze while visiting with neighbors or sipping a glass of cold tea in the hot summers.  It was built by the Jake Silbernagel family and owned by Ms. Estella Silbernagel.  Mr. Silbernagel was very active in the community, served as President of the Dickinson Independent School Board and was well known.  Silbernagel Elementary School is named in his honor. 

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Property Owner

Katherine A. Milillo


Mrs. Milillo lived in the house since June 1991.  She is the 3rd owner.  After Mrs. Silbernagel’s death it was purchased by a Mr. Timmons, who installed central air and heat.  Mr. Milillo renovated the bathroom floor – all else is original except for roor in 2010.